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 [LSPD] Application Format

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PostSubject: [LSPD] Application Format   Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:28 am

((In Character))
First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:


Total Years you've lived in Los Santos: ((In-Game Level))



Phone Number:

Picture of yourself: ((Picture of your skin))

Past employment history:

Current employment, if avaible:

Biography: (Minimium 300 words, it will be counted carefully)

Why do you wish to join the Los Santos Department?

What skills would you bring to the Los Santos Police Department?

Have you read the handbook and do you understand it?

Please sumbit an record of your profile: ((Screenshoot over /stats))

((Out of Character))




How many hours are you online daily?

Do you have ventrilo and an working microphone?

Do you have any bidning program? IE: Autohotkey

Previous RP Experince as an cop?

Explain following terms and give me one example:
- Metagaming
- Powergaming
- Revengekilling
- Deathmatching
- Killing on Sight
- Roleplay
- Out of Character
- In Character
- Rushtaze
Sumbit an RP Situation over a frisk here.
Sumbit an RP Situation over an traffic stop below here. (You pulled someone over for reckless driving)
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[LSPD] Application Format
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